Who Are the Most Ancient People on Earth

When we read of headline media articles that report findings of the latest studies into the anthropology of mankind with very fancy photos and presented by highly credentialed scientists, we are given to accept what they say because, well, they say they are experts in the field.  And this popular attitude that we find here accounts for the entire general societal view, and is (as they say in cricketing parlance) left to go through to the keeper.  Meaning we just accept it as it has been bowled and let the balls continue on their unimpeded trajectory. 

The fact of this matter is that in cricket, the ball is not addressed because it is a faulty delivery and the ball is not going to strike the mark. A similar reaction is popularly found when in the company of others an inappropriate remark is not responded to, and to cover a very awkward moment it is often said, “We’ll let that one go through to the keeper.”

It is this attitude that is of real concern because by not addressing bad deliveries the general societal view of the truth is unwittingly conformed into acceptance of erroneous untruths.

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